i�? Architectural Metal Cladding Tape

Architectural Metal Cladding Tape

Architectural tapes are  closed-cell acrylic foam. , It is designed to bond to a wide range of substrates including most metals, glass, many plastics, composites, sealed wood, paints, and powder coatings. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, it typically replaces liquid adhesives, spot welds, screws, rivets, and other mechanical fasteners. Our entire product is well tested to meet the requirement of construction industry. They are capable of bonding panels made from ACM, stainless steel and exotic metals. A comprehensive design guide and technical information on performance tests pressure-sensitive,


Features & Benefits: 


  • Used within and outside the construction industry effectively used in diverse architectural panel applications.
  • Vibration Absorbing Tape & Compensates Different Coefficient of Linesr Thermal Expansion.
  • Stiffener Attachment
  • Panels to Frame
  • Cladding (Decorative Metal, Trim, etc.)
  • Mounting of PVC Stay Bars
  • Metal To Metal Bonding
  • Ability to fill gaps
  • Temperature Resistant


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