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Aluminum Foil Tape

A well known manufacturer of high tensile  strength Aluminum foil  backing, combined  with a high performance  flame – retardant solvent acrylic adhesive, protected by an easy- release  silicon  release paper. Aluminum Foil Tape is of  30 micron , 50 micron & 80 micron . Coated with our highly engineered acrylic adhesive, it is capable of withstanding exposure to high heat and humidity while maintaining a strong and reliable bond  It  dissipates heat over the surface of the tape to reduce hot spots and protect the substrate from the effects of high temperatures.

Features & Benefits: 

  • Ideal for wet and dirty
  • Deeper texture for aggressive, no-slip grip
  • Aggressive adhesive will stick to most surfaces
  • Withstands exposure to flame, weathering, moisture and UV
  • Waterproof for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Excellent chemical and oil resistance
  • Water Proof, Antistatic
  • Insulation and Duct sealing, Electro magnetic protection
  • Thermally conductive tape helps dissipate heat and improves heating and cooling efficiency to protect temperature sensitive materials
  • Resistant to chemicals to protect surfaces during de-paint process and other chemical masking operations
  • Enhances lighting efficiency
  • Jumbo rolls and finish slitting rolls are also available
  • Protect surfaces during paint stripping or welding
  • Provides excellent reflection of both heat and light.
  • Low moisture vapor transmission rate makes an excellent vapor barrier.


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